Trump EPA Replaces Obama’s Anti-Coal Clean Power Plan

By Fred Lucas

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday announced a new rule to grant more flexibility for states in regulating coal-fired power plants, replacing the Obama-era regulation that was halted by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Affordable Clean Energy rule under the Trump administration replaces the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which would have required an eventual energy policy shift for the entire power grid from coal to natural gas.

The Trump EPA rule sets up emissions guidelines for states to apply when crafting their own plans to limit carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants.

“I do expect some litigation, but I also expect this to prevail in court. We pay very close attention to the past court precedent. We are following the Clean Air Act,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told The Daily Signal during a press gaggle after an hourlong event at EPA headquarters in Washington that included members of Congress, Trump administration officials, business and union leaders, and coal miners in an audience of about 200.

Attorneys general in 27 states had sued over the Obama Clean Power Plan, arguing that it exceeded the authority Congress granted the EPA under the Clean Air Act by setting measures that could not be achieved by individual coal-burning plants. The Supreme Court issued a stay on the rule in February 2016.

“There were people in the Obama administration saying, ‘We don’t know if this is going to be upheld or not, but we think this is going to force the industry to comply,’” Wheeler continued. “They were trying to direct public policy without following the law. What we are trying to do is follow the four corners of the Clean Air Act, the previous district court and Supreme Court precedent, and put forward a regulation that can stand up to court challenges and will …read more

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