RPT Statement on Texas Dems Failed Convention

Austin, TX, Release: July 18, 2022 — For Immediate Release Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi released the following statement after the Texas Democrat Convention adjourned due to a lack of quorum and failed to pass a party platform. “Texas Democrats showed this weekend what happens when you take away tens of millions of dollars

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2022 Texas GOP Platform Released

Austin, TX, Release: July 6, 2022 — For Immediate Release The Republican Party of Texas released its 2022 platform today. The final platform is the culmination of work by grassroots delegates who are the lifeblood of the Texas Republican Party. The 2022 platform adopted all planks presented in the Committee Report at the statewide convention, plus

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Republican Party of Texas Lauds Dobbs Opinion

Austin, TX, Release: June 24, 2022 — For Immediate Release The United States Supreme Court issued their final opinion today in Dobbs v. Jackson, which reversed Roe v Wade and Casey v Planned Parenthood and will allow the voters of each state to decide whether to give legal protection to their unborn children. The Texas Legislature

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