Texas GOP Demands Texas Democrat Party Condemn Lorenzo Sanchez for Anti-Police Rhetoric

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Austin, TX, Release: October 1, 2020. For Immediate Release 

The Texas Democrats are running a candidate, Lorenzo Sanchez, who has been engaged in vile anti-police commentary. As cities burn down across the country, and cops are targeted by left-wing Antifa mobs, it is telling that the Democrats would run someone who believes that law enforcement officers are a terrorist organization. 

Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West stated:

“Texas Democrat State House District 67 candidate Lorenzo Sanchez has been quoted saying that ‘the police are a terrorist organization. Defund and dismantle them now.’ The Republican Party of Texas condemns Mr. Sanchez and his disgusting and despicable verbiage. Sanchez clearly has no concern for the lives of our men and women in the Thin Blue Line and is willing to demonize them. This is not the type of elected official that law-abiding citizens in Texas want, or deserve. However, it is obvious that this is exactly the type of candidate that the progressive socialists of the Democrat party seek. Democrats such as Sanchez support the rule of the mob, chaos and violence. Republicans support the rule of law, law and order, and we Defend our Police. The Republican Party of Texas calls upon the Texas Democrat Party to condemn Sanchez and issue an apology to our Texas law enforcement officers.” 

If Chairman Hinojosa doesn’t condemn this candidate, it reveals that he and the rest of the Democrat Party of Texas condone Lorenzo’s opinions. The anti-police rhetoric and violence that has spread across this nation is due to the cowardice of Democrats who saw the violence as a political opportunity instead of an assault on our law enforcement community. 


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