Chairman West’s Statement on Holding Texas

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Below is Chairman West’s statement on holding Texas:

“The quality of our candidates far surpasses that of the collective lemmings of the Democrat Party. And they are out working their leftist opponents on the ground. We are putting more emphasis on our State House races by working with GOP State House leadership, fundraising support, and personal attention from at events in North Texas and other prioritized areas by myself.

Texans don’t want a State House that supports defunding the police, undermining our second amendment right, instituting a state income tax, destroying our oil and gas industry, and politically reshaping the Lone Star State. 

Our Texas GOP State House incumbents and challengers support the rule of law, law and order. The Obama-Holder-Bloomberg backed progressive socialist leftist candidates support the rule of the mob, chaos and violence on our streets. Texans will not allow a leftist ideological agenda in its State House that has been exemplified in the utter disaster that is witnessed in our State Capitol of Austin. The strength of our principles, values, and message far surpasses the millions of dollars from California and other failed states to turn Texas into another leftist disaster.

The Texas Democrat Party needs victims. Republicans running for the Texas State House believe in policies enabling Texans to be economically empowered, to be victors.

Recent news out of Harris County, illegal ballot harvesting, evidences the method, means, by which Democrats are seeking power and control in Texas. Republicans will retain the Texas State House and win back seats lost in 2018 because we believe in governing. The Texas State House stays Red, and will be constitutionally conservative.”

Only by fighting against Democrats’ attempt to undermine election integrity and to win the war of policy ideas will Texas stay Red.

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