‘Come and Take It’ in 2020

Photo of Chairman Allen West

185 years ago today in Gonzales, Texas, the Mexican calvary demanded that the Texian rebels surrender their cannon. They were met with a flag saying “Come and Take It” echoing the phrase “Molon Labe” that the Spartan King Leonidas used at the battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC.  

Today we, Texans, should give that same answer to the coastal progressive elites and celebrities who are trying to flip Texas blue. These Hollywood and Manhattenite champagne socialists do not give a darn about Texas and our conservative values. They simply want to implement their radical agenda to enforce secular socialism across America. Texas is the bastion that has stopped them from accomplishing their goal. They know that if they can take Texas, Republicans will have no road to victory for any presidential election. 

This coming election will require all patriotic Texans to stand up and push back against the money that coastal elitists that are dumping into Texas. This election is not for sale and Texas will hold the line against progressive socialism.

As goes Texas, so goes the nation, and we are returning to the values that have made us strong!

Allen B. West
Republican Party of Texas

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