Chairman West’s Monday Message for 9.28.20

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The Left’s Three Branches of Rule

A good many of us grew up taking Civics in school and learned about the three branches of government, with their roles and responsibilities. And, even if you were not paying attention in school, we had Schoolhouse Rock each Saturday morning on ABC reinforcing such lessons.

My, how things have changed.

Today, if you speak with someone who has recently become a citizen of these United States, they can tell you more about our government, and history, than most Americans. That is because they took it to heart to study and pass the citizenship test, which I would offer, many Americans could not do.

Today, we do not have objective instruction of Civics, the teaching of the three branches of government — Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. We do not have an objective study of History, that has been replaced in many schools by a subjective dogma called Social Studies. Today, there is a move to revise American history to say that our founding was in 1619, when the first slave ship touched our shores, instead of July 4, 1776, when we declared our Independence.

We will close out this month without any real hoopla or celebration of Constitution Day, September 17, 1787, when our rule of law was signed. We have lost that understanding of those three branches of government. The Legislative is the most powerful and passes legislation to become law. The Executive signs the passed legislation into law, or vetos it from becoming law, and sends it back to the Legislative branch. The Judicial branch interprets the law and hears cases to adjudicate according to compliance with established law.

I would easily state that we have drifted away from that foundation.

For the progressive socialist left — now called the Democrat Party — they do not embrace this fundamental premise of our Constitutional Republic. The left is not interested in the three branches of government, but rather the three branches of rule: media, academia, and the courts. We see this played out every day in our America. The left knows that if they control the narrative, the message, they can control the people. where have we seen that before?

Our Constitution speaks of freedom of the press, but, I believe our Founders wanted an objective press, not a state-controlled propaganda tool.

The left needs to control academia in order to raise the next generation of little socialists, Marxists, progressive leftists. This is why divergent thought — meaning conservative thought — is shunned on college and university campuses. And, now, we see a full-scale assault on local education, meaning high schools, middle and elementary grades, by leftists in control of school boards implementing a curriculum of indoctrination, not education.

But, it is in our courts where the left seeks true dominance. It is there that the mentality of legislating from the bench and judicial activism is most apparent. Even today we hear of Senate Democrats speaking of controlling the US Senate so that they may “stack the US Supreme Court,” an endeavor last envisioned by one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a Democrat.

Here in Texas, we see the Texas Democrat Party not going out and attempting to win this election by the strength of their ideals; no, they are seeking to manipulate it through the courts. The Texas Democrats have gone up to the US Fifth Circuit Court to overturn Texas election law stating that the 65 years and above standard for absentee ballots reflects age discrimination. The Fifth Court ruled against them. Their objective is simply this: to institute mass mail-in balloting.

This past week — Friday to be exact — the Texas Democrat Party got an Obama-appointed judge in the US Federal Court, South Texas district, Laredo, to overturn Texas election law and have us go back to straight party ticket voting, yes, three weeks before early voting begins. Why? Because the left knows that it is easier for their mindless lemmings to hit one box, than to exude diligence in staying in the voting booth. Then again, George Soros can just pay them.

In Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and North Carolina, leftist judges are deciding that mail-in ballots may be received up to four, seven, and, even 14 days after November 3rd. Why is it that we are getting these decisions from the judicial branch and not something decided by the legislative branch? After all, this is changing election law. It’s simple: the left knows the key to their type of control, power, is through the courts, with ideologue activist judges, not constitutional jurists.

So, now, we have the latest apoplectic rage from the progressive socialist left, the SCOTUS nomination of Amy Coney-Barrett. President Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee in his first term has the left in a fit of madness. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, even referred to impeachment to prevent the president from making a nomination. Now, any graduate of Schoolhouse Rock knows that is absurd. You cannot impeach a president for doing their constitutionally mandated, Article II, enumerated power to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. Nothing scares the left more than to see a generational shift in the composition of the US Supreme Court or any judicial position.

Here in Texas, two years ago, Republicans lost approximately 56 judicial positions. This year, we have four State Supreme Court justices and three Criminal Court of Appeals judges up for reelection. Yes, in Texas, We The People of Texas have a say. It would be utterly detrimental to the future of Texas to allow “useful idiots” (the verbiage of Vladimir Lenin) to vote for judicial activists who only care about a certain leftist ideological agenda, in essence, ruling by court mandate, not legislative effect.

We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a constitutional monarchy. Mandates, rules, edicts, orders, and decrees are not the way we live in Texas or America. We must restore the three branches of government and ensure there are those checks and balances of the usurpation of power from any one branch.

Here in Texas, we want to be governed — not ruled — and we will never accept the left’s three branches of rule. 

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