Bill Flores Recaps Summer Town Hall Series Events

On July 16th and 31st, U.S. Representative Bill Flores (R-Texas) hosted his Summer Town Hall Series Events to discuss the latest activities in Congress, answer constituent questions and solicit feedback on important issues.

“Our Summer Town Hall Series Events once again turned out to be very successful in reaching thousands of constituents from all corners of the 17th District. We had great participation and the breadth and depth of the discussions were insightful and informative,” Congressman Flores said. “One of the biggest takeaways was that hardworking Texas families want Congress to move forward and address the pressing issues that impact their everyday lives. In fact, 82 percent of those polled said that now that the Mueller investigation is complete, Congress should move on and start working on important legislation. I totally agree with this sentiment and will remain focused on working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address important issues like securing our border, reforming our immigration system, passing the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), addressing prescription drug prices and improving our health care system. It is time that we move past political gamesmanship and partisan agendas to focus on the needs of all Americans.”

During the Summer Town Hall Series Events, Congressman Flores was able to reach over 17,000 constituents. Combined, the two events had over 5,400 direct participants on the telephone, while the online video broadcasts reached over 11,600 individuals. The archived video broadcasts can be found at

To get a better sense of the perspectives of the constituents of the 17th Congressional District, Congressman Flores posed five questions on various topics. The questions and combined results are as follows:

1.  Do you think the country is on a better or worse track than it was two years ago?

  • Better – 67%
  • Worse – 33%

2. How would you rate the status of our nation’s economy?

  • Very good shape – 28%
  • Good shape – 36%  (Total very good and good = 64%)
  • Fair shape – 21%
  • Poor shape – 9%
  • Very poor shape – 6%

3. Who do you think is responsible for our crisis along the southern border?

  • Congress – 38%
  • The Executive Branch (multiple administrations) – 10% 
  • Both – 52%

4. Now that the Mueller investigation is over …

  • Congress should move on and start working on important legislation – 82%
  • Congress should continue to investigate the president – 5%
  • Congress should impeach the president – 13%  

5. What should Congress be focused on doing?

  • Securing our border / reforming our immigration system – 53%
  • Addressing prescription drug prices and improving our health care system – 12% 
  • Addressing climate change – 5%
  • Approving the new United States-Mexico-Canada trade deal – 4%
  • Reducing federal deficits – 10%
  • Impeaching and/or investigating the president – 6%
  • Improving our nation’s infrastructure – 10%


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