Democrat Presidential Primary Debate, Round Two

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sam Pohl, 

Democrat Presidential Primary Debate, Round Two
Their Policies Don’t Fit Texans Needs

DETROIT, MI – After two more nights of Democrat Primary debates, Texans see just how far left Democrat Presidential candidates are willing to go. From pulling Americans off of their healthcare plans to open borders and decriminalizing illegal border crossings – it’s clear the Democrats have no intention of winning support in states like Texas. Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“The extremism of the Democrats was put on full display during these debates when they suggested we eliminate healthcare plans for millions of Americans and advocated for decriminalizing illegal border crossings. They took a full on sprint to the left to feed their radical base and have shown they have no intention of trying to earn the support of everyday Texans. They have continued to push for the end of all private health insurance, the bankrupting and futile Green New Deal, and more which will place massive new burdens directly on taxpayers. 

“Texans demand smaller, more efficient and effective government. Texans want a booming economy and opportunity for all which is what they’ve seen under Republican leadership for years. On Election Day, we know Texans will vote for proven success, not financially devastating fantasies.”


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