Voter Registrar Training

We have set a time for the Volunteer Deputy training for June 23rd,  2015 at 5:30pm here at the Tax Office.   If you know of anyone wanting to be deputized, please have them call and sign up.


WE HAVE MOVED!  Our new address is 4151 County Park Ct., Bryan, TX  77802.  However, it’s so new, it’s not in Google Maps yet.  The closest GPS address we could find is 4059 Pendleton Dr., Bryan, TX.


Directions to our new location:

From the old downtown location – we are a 5 mile straight shot from the old location to the new one.  Get on William J. Bryan Pkwy and head east toward Hwy 6 (bypass).  Cross the bypass and you are now on Boonville (FM 158).  Keep going straight on Boonville, you will pass Allen Academy and Miramont on your left, until you get to the Copperfield Subdivision.  At that light (intersection), you’ll still go straight, but get in the outside lane.  On the right side of the road, start looking for a white sign with blue letters that says “Brazos County Tax Office next right”.  It has a big blue arrow pointing right on it.  The next right is a street called Pendleton Drive.   Christopher’s World Grille is across Boonville (FM 158) from Pendleton.  Turn right on Pendleton and you will see white and blue signs with arrows pointing to us.


Coming from University Dr. – head east out of town on University Dr. (FM 60) like you are going to the Physician’s Centre.  Turn left onto Copperfield Dr. by the Physician’s Centre.  The third street on your right is Pendleton Drive.  Turn right on Pendleton Dr. and it will wind around a short way until you see our new building on your left.  Across the street from us is the Hudson Trails Apartments.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call.  Our phone number has changed as well…  979-775-9930.  If you dial the old number, we will still get your call, but I don’t know how long that will continue.

Kathy Schuetze

Brazos County Voter Registration Dept.

4151 County Park Ct.

Bryan, TX  77802

979-775-9930 office

979-775-9938 fax

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