Rep. Flores on TPA and TPP


As a free market conservative, Congressman Flores supports free trade.  TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) has passed the Senate and will be voted on in the House today (6/15/2015).  TPA ensures that any trade deal negotiated by the president receives and up or down vote in Congress.  If Congress doesn’t like the deal negotiated, Congress can vote it down.


TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a trade deal that the president is currently negotiating with 11 other nations.  TPP is not currently up for a vote.  Some of the opponents of free trade are correct that we don’t know everything that is in TPP right now.  Once the agreement is finalized, we will know it’s contents and it will either be ratified or it won’t. That is the way all trade agreements are negotiated. Congressman Flores supports TPA because it provides transparency and Congressional accountability to the TPP the president is negotiating. 


Other strong conservatives support TPA as well including Senator Cruz, Senator Cotton, Rep Paul Ryan, Rep Jeb Hensarling, Rep Kevin Brady, Rep Matt Salmon, and Rep Tom McClintock. 


Congressman Flores has put up a page on his website that discusses what TPA is and why he supports it.  You can find that website here: He also put out an op-ed with Rep Brady today that you can find here:


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