The Utter Incompetence of Chris Hollins

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Austin, TX, Release: October 26, 2020. For Immediate Release 

Senator Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) has asked Harris County Clerk Hollins for clarification on his vote count reporting, since his office has generated three lists each with a different vote total. Clerk Hollins has been cavalier in his disregard for Texas election law and procedure. This appointed bureaucrat is making fertile soil for voter fraud and his office cannot even provide an accurate accounting votes.

As Chairman Allen West aptly points out:

“The utter incompetence of Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins is evidenced in an early voting report from his office that shows three different vote tally results. Harris County is ground zero for illegal activity and violations of Texas election law. It is imperative that the Texas Secretary of State office immediately engage and the Attorney General’s office open an investigation.

The lawful voters of Harris County deserve better and should not be victims of voter suppression due to the voter fraud and the illegal actions of Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins. It appears Hollins and the Texas Democrat Party is using Common Core math principles in counting votes where their ends justify their means. As Josef Stalin once asserted, ‘it is not the one who casts the vote that matters, it is the one who counts the vote.’”

We cannot allow voter suppression or fraud to occur in Texas. It is up to Austin to make sure that partisans in Harris County don’t put their finger on the scale.


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