Chairman West’s Monday Message for 10.26.20

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I had a fantastic final swing through West Texas, Odessa-El Paso-Lubbock, over the weekend, and then to Waco on Sunday evening. What a humbling honor to travel the Lone Star State from the rolling pine tree hills of East Texas to the wondrous beauty of Hill Country to the waves of the Gulf to the vastness of our agricultural lands of grazing cattle and cotton fields to the open grandeur of the Big Bend and Guadalupe mountains. When you hear the words, “God Bless Texa,s” you just have to respond…yeah, God did, indeed, bless Texas.

Yesterday, I had a nice Sunday morning run of about six miles. The change in the weather just felt great. As I ran, looking out over Lake Ray Hubbard, one word came to me: consequences.

I remember the sage wisdom of former Fox News host, Greta Van Susteren, when she would say, “Washington DC is the city of no consequences.” We must ask why would that be the case? We continue to see and hear stories of corruption on a grand scale, and that brings the current situation with Joe and Hunter Biden to mind.

How is it that we continue to hear of these escapades that are clearly questionable, if not outright abjectly criminal, yet there are never any consequences?

We all are very aware that if any of us — ya know, those not part of the elites — were to commit any semblance of the same, we would immediately be doing the “perp walk.” So, why is it that we become more and more frustrated when we see no consequences for illegal, criminal, behavior from some? It’s simple: we want people to be held accountable and responsible for their actions. We the People do not want anyone to believe they are above the law, above reproach. There are those who speak of social justice. That is nothing more than a leftist attempt at forcible, mandated, equality of outcomes. We just want justice, equally administered to every American.

That leads me to another aspect of the word, consequences; elections have consequences.

Just imagine, if four years ago Hillary Clinton had won the presidential election, what would the consequences have been? First, and most importantly, we would have never come to know about the level of corruption that exists within the highest levels of our Department of Justice. We would have never known of the deep degree of deception, and collusion, that exists between the progressive socialist left and their willing allies in the media. The consequences for our economy, liberty, freedom, and position in the world would have been endangered. But, the progressive socialist left does not see it that way. So, here we are again, on the precipice of making a monumental decision that will have dire consequences for our America, our Texas.

Joe Biden is nothing more than a leftist Trojan horse. The manipulative deceivers of the left want us to accept ol’ Joe within the gates of our Republic. They have cloaked him in the mantle of “likability;” a moderate, and, just like everyone else, ol’ Joe, the kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The consequence of allowing Biden to enter into our White House means the return of the progressive socialist left, a Barack Obama part deux.

Joe Biden let all of us know the consequences for us here in Texas. Biden fully admitted that he would “transition” us from oil, meaning that he would end the oil and gas industry that God has blessed Texas to produce in abundance.

Joe Biden let all of us know the consequences for us here in Texas. Biden fully admitted that he would “transition” us from oil, meaning that he would end the oil and gas industry that God has blessed Texas to produce in abundance. The consequences mean that, regardless of our scenic beauty in Texas, we would be driven into economic disaster. The consequences mean that millions would be out of work. Then again, that suits the left just fine as they need victims to be wedded to welfare nanny-state programs.

This election cycle, the progressive socialist left has done a fine job of telling us how much they hate President Donald J. Trump. Sadly, the consequences of that hatred have spilled over into an abject hatred of America itself. They are telling us how horrible our country is, a racist nation. They say America was founded on racist principles, asserting that our beginning came in 1619 when the first slave ship reached these shores . . . not 1776 with our Declaration of Independence. Here in Texas, we have University of Texas band members refusing to play “Eyes of Texas” because it is deemed racist. The same university was rated as one of the worst campuses for conservative students in the country.

That, my fellow Texans, is just one example of the consequences of allowing the delusion of the progressive socialist left to infiltrate the Lone Star State.

Four years ago, some 25 million Christians chose to not vote. The resulting consequences are that churches have been deemed “non-essential;” Supreme Court decisions against churches, and a Christian having to go before the Supreme Court over refusals to bake a cake for same-sex matrimonial ceremonies.

Elections do have consequences, and regardless of these cute little Democrat ads being run on TV, we all know what will happen, and, what they will do. The consequences mean leftists will obtain power, control, and dominance. That they will rule, not govern. I do pray that Republicans realize that the electorate wants to see them govern as constitutional conservatives. Here in Texas, we do not want to see leftists heading committees in our Texas legislature. Nor do we want leftists, Democrats, having a part in selecting the Texas State House Speaker when Republicans retain their majority.

Texas is the Lone Star State, and its star illuminates the other 49 stars on the American flag. We sing in “Texas, Our Texas:”

“O Empire wide and glorious you stand supremely blest.”

One consequence of this election is whether we will be able to sing “Texas, Our Texas,” or will we be mandated to kneel to the tyranny of the progressive socialist left?

Cast your vote for liberty and freedom. Cast your vote to kneel for God and stand for the Pledge to the American and Texas flag. Cast your vote to sing “God Bless America” and “Texas, Our Texas.” Cast your vote and express that you want the consequences of this election to be a resounding victory for constitutional conservatism in Texas, not the failures of progressive socialism.

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