The Texas GOP Thanks President Trump for Putting America First

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Austin, TX, Release: January 20, 2021. For Immediate Release 

The Texas GOP thanks President Trump for his tireless work over the past four years. In the face of an endless, antagonistic, and dishonest campaign by the corporate press and their Democrat partners, President Trump fought back and put America and her citizens first.

His policy achievements not only allowed an economic growth not seen in decades, but also provided stability in some of the most turbulent regions of the world. By his mass deregulation initiatives and energy independence agenda, the Texas economy was unleashed providing opportunity and growth for people across the state, specifically historic gains were made in both the Black and Hispanic communities. Additionally, his action to fund and protect HBCU’s ensured that institutions — which are part of the engine for Black success in this country — will be maintained.

Looking abroad, President Trump crafted the historic Abraham Accords, which has allowed Israel and the Sunni Gulf States to enter into real diplomatic relationships, creating a bulwark against belligerent Iran and her proxies. By not groveling to our enemies with toothless red lines, President Trump proved that true peace comes through strength and alliances. “Talk boldly and carry a big stick” proved to be a successful strategy.

These achievements combined with curbing mass illegal immigration, promoting a pro-life agenda, and placing countless constitutionalists in the judicial system guarantee that President Trump will be one of the most important and influential presidents of the 21st century. The globalist tide, which informed every decision in the Obama administration, was countered by President Trump who placed the American people first. He would not allow the American citizen to continue to be the sacrificial lamb for the Globalist agenda. It took a global pandemic, a thoroughly corrupt media, and massive election irregularities for President Trump to be removed from office. However, what he started will not end today. America First is not going away. We will not surrender this nation to the false song of globalism, and progressive socialism.

Thank you for everything, President Trump. May God bless you and keep you.


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