The Texas GOP Celebrates Black History Month

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Austin, TX, Release: February 1, 2021 For Immediate Release  

The Texas GOP would not exist if it were not for the 150 Black men who came together on July 4th, 1867, to form the Republican Party of Texas. Therefore, we are proud to recognize and celebrate Black History Month with Americans across this nation. Below is Chairman West’s statement on Black History Month: 

“Black History Month provides a focused opportunity for all Texans to reflect on the accomplishments of Black Americans who have left an imprint on Texas and this nation as a whole.

Every Tuesday and Thursday of February 2021, the Texas GOP will share biographical profiles of Black Republicans to highlight specific achievements of these Black patriots. Please join the Texas GOP as we honor the lives of these American heroes.

There is much to be done to restore the Texas Black community to its conservative principles and values, upon which our Republican Party of Texas was established. It begins with restoration of the traditional nuclear Black family and protecting the sanctity of life.

We must promote better small business and entrepreneurial endeavors, along with enhanced educational opportunities in the inner-city communities. Let us all endeavor to ensure we advance the philosophy of equality of opportunity, not the leftist desire of equality of outcomes. This is how we honor the 150 who gave us the Republican Party of Texas.” 


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