The Republican Party of Texas Congratulates Our Republican Primary Winners

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Sam Pohl,

The Republican Party of Texas Congratulates Our Republican Primary Winners

Ready to Work for Victories in November

AUSTIN, TX –  The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) congratulates all who won tonight and encourages them to come together as a Party to win in November. 

Republican Party of Texas Chairman James Dickey commented:

“Congratulations to all of our Republican nominees for their victories in the Primary Election tonight! We have a few more races to finish up through runoffs but we celebrate those who won their primary elections outright tonight including our President, President Donald J. Trump! 

“We must now unite as a Party and rally behind our nominees. Democrats have made it clear they will spend millions to promote their socialist policies here in Texas like government-run healthcare, decriminalizing illegal border crossings, taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants, and the Green New Disaster. Their policies would devastate not just Texas, but our nation. Republican policies have led our state and nation to unparalleled success – incredible job growth, record low unemployment, and tax cuts that benefit all. The race is on and our engines are running on all pistons to Election Day!

“Republicans sent a clear message tonight – they are ready to defend Texas and win in November! It’s clear Republicans are enthusiastic about this election given our incredible statewide turnout in this primary election. Republicans are so excited about our ticket from the top to the bottom and the fact that we turned out so highly in this primary when the Democrats should be owning it with their tightly contested presidential primary is the big takeaway for the socialists who want to turn Texas blue. Republicans have spoken loudly through their votes at the ballot boxes across our state the same words the brave Texans that battled for our republic in Gonzales once said: ‘Come and take it!’

“We have been educating Republicans over the last 16 months that Texas is on Red Alert. We have been building awareness that the socialists need our state to complete their mission of destroying America. Voters listened and they are defending Texas from the socialist, Democrat onslaught at the ballot box. We are in this to win this and win big in November. 

“We have been preparing for the last 16 months for this battle and we are equipped for the front lines. We will deliver our electoral votes for President Trump. We will re-elect our Senator John Cornyn to the U.S. Senate. We will maintain and gain in the U.S. House and the Texas House. We now begin to execute our plans and defend Texas against the socialist Democrat onslaught on every front. Republicans will keep Texas red this November!”


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