Texas GOP Stands Against Ballot Harvesting

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Austin, TX, Release: November 6, 2020  

The Texas GOP is fighting for election integrity and ensuring that each legal vote is counted. Fraud and voter suppression should not be tolerated, and any discrepancies should be thoroughly investigated, especially with historic levels of mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting, which are fertile soil for fraud.  

In Texas, we fought tooth and nail in every urban county to make sure opportunities for voter suppression were limited. Democrat partisans, masquerading as unbiased administrators, fought us every step of the way. 

Even now, unverified ballots in Tarrant County continue to undermine the electoral integrity. Chairman Allen West stated, “we have a ballot count of some 12K early ballots that had issues ongoing in Tarrant County. We must ensure that this process is done accurately and fairly. We will not have any instances of mysterious ballots appearing here in Texas. And the Lone Star State will certainly not be sending some Marxist socialist named Candace Valenzuela to represent Texas Congressional District 24 as a member of ‘The Squad.’”

Concerning videos and testimony coming out of major Democrat-dominated urban areas deserve to be investigated. Our electoral process is supposed to be transparent.


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