Texas GOP Outperformed Despite Democrat Influx of Cash

Austin, TX, Release: November 4, 2020  

From the Rio Grande Valley to the Panhandle, Texans turned out in record numbers — nearly 6 million — to support President Trump and Republicans across the state. National Democrats poured tens of millions from out of state and could not move the needle an inch. 

Additionally, in the Rio Grande Valley, Republicans experienced significant electoral success with Zapata County swinging 38 points to support President Trump, while Cameron County, Starr County, Willacy County, Webb County, and Hidalgo County all went Republican over 40 percent, some approaching 50 percent. 

We were pleased to see our successes in congressional races such as Beth Van Duyne and Chip Roy. We are especially proud of holding our Texas State House, highlighted by our candidates in North Texas. Tarrant County — whose ground game enabled us to return it to red again — was key. 

This election cycle proved that Texas is a not a battleground state. However, if Democrats want to keep wasting their money here, it’s their money. We are now preparing for our 87th legislative session and ramping up for future elections, as we do not intend to lose our momentum or our electoral gains.

A special hat tip to our grassroots activists, volunteers, and all those who enabled this incredible electoral success. 


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