Texas GOP Lauds President Trump’s Acquittal

Logo of the Republican Party of Texas

Austin, TX, Release: February 13, 2021 For Immediate Release   

The Texas GOP supports President Trump’s acquittal in the most recent sham impeachment trial. This partisan endeavor — that every Democrat in Senate condoned — highlights how that entire organization has abandoned integrity. Every one of the seven Republican senators who joined with them, have abandoned not just their Party and voters, but also the rule of law. 

Chairman Allen West had this to say in regards to impeachment:  

“The Republican Party of Texas is glad to see the partisan political kangaroo court that was conducted in the US Senate end. Perhaps now we can move to impeach and remove the radical Black Lives Matters congresswoman from Missouri, Cori Bush. We all recognize the absurd hypocrisy of Democrats.  

We here in the Lone Star State are focused on our Legislative Priorities for the 87th session and will continue to fight hard to keep Texas a strong constitutional conservative state. Darn it, I said the word ‘fight.’ I’m sure the Texas Democrat Party will certainly demand my impeachment and prevention from seeking future political office.” 

The Texas GOP will continue to fight for conservative values. We will not allow the progressive socialist Democrats to dominate Texas or America. Additionally, we want to congratulate President Trump on this acquittal. Our only qualm is that he had to deal with this charade not once but twice due to spurious claims by Democrats. 


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