Platform Survey Extended


We have had such great feedback regarding the Platform Process Review Committee’s (PPRC) survey; Chairman Mechler decided to extend the survey period until July 15th! Our committee has received an incredible number of responses from grassroots activists across Texas, and now we want to hear from you.

As members of the newly formed Platform Process Review Committee, we have been tasked with reviewing both the structure of the next RPT Platform and the process by which it will be adopted at the 2016 RPT State Convention. One way we will achieve this is through our PPRC survey:

Click to complete the PPRC survey.

Please note: It is not the purpose of this committee to address specific content, such as issues or platform planks, as this is within the purview of the delegates at the 2016 RPT State Convention.


Thank you for your feedback in this important process; hearing from grassroots activists like you is a vital component to our committee’s work.


Platform Process Review Committee

Amy Clark, Committee Chair & Vice-Chairman, RPT

Merri Easterly, SREC-SD 10

Linda Kinney, SREC-SD 25

Bonnie Lugo, SREC-SD 13

Mike McCloskey, SREC-SD 5

Mark Ramsey, SREC-SD 7

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