Misrepresentation of Chairman West In The SD 30 Run-Off Election

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Austin, TX, December 10, 2020. For Immediate Release

Today Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman Allen West instructed the State Party’s General Counsel to draft a cease and desist letter to the Shelly Luther campaign, requiring them to immediately stop using the Chairman’s image on all campaign material.

Chairman West’s full statement is below:

“It’s very disappointing that despite numerous requests from myself and Party staff to stop using my image for campaign purposes, Shelly Luther has continued to use my image on campaign materials, in a contested Republican election, without my consent.”

“This deliberate attempt to misrepresent the Party’s stance, as well as my own, is a tactic not supported by the RPT and beneath those looking to serve in the Republican Party of Texas. As all Republicans know, SREC Bylaws prohibit the party or me from endorsing or advocating for one Republican over another in a contested Republican Election.

Voters in Senate District 30 will decide who will represent them in the Texas Senate. I wish both Drew Springer and Shelly Luther luck in their election and look forward to working with the next State Senator for SD 30 this coming session to ensure we continue to Keep Texas Red.”


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