Legislative Priorities Report December 11, 2020

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Legislative Priorities Report for December 11, 2020

A pertinent question for our state legislators is: Do Republican voters in our districts really care about the Legislative Priorities?

Let’s look at the facts. 

The current eight priorities have been addressed not only at our Texas Republican State Convention, but also on the last two Republican primary ballots. Here is how the Republican voters have responded statewide to the top three Legislative Priorities:

Election Integrity- 1,953, 946  — 98.46%

Religious Freedom-1,580,091 – 89.44% (average of 2020 and 2018)

Children and Gender Modification (abolition) –1,869,742 — 94.65

Almost 2 million people in the state of Texas favor citizenship verification and consequences for those who cheat in our elections. Over 1.5 million people believe that Texas individuals, organizations, and businesses should be able to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs, and that there should be no ordinances, laws, or executive orders that violate their rights. And, when it comes to the physical and mental health of children, again, close to two million people agree that children should not have healthy body parts removed or be given hormones and puberty blockers in an attempt at human experimentation.

Banning Taxpayer Funded Lobbying is the sole exception, simply because it was not a ballot proposition. The remaining Legislative Priorities all have a similar level of response, ranging from over a million to just under 2 million. 

The Priorities were specifically chosen this past summer at the Republican State Convention, where delegates ranked their choices from a list of 15. All of the issues represented came to the convention’s Legislative Priority Committee from resolutions passed beginning in individual precincts, through a district convention, and finally arriving at the state convention. So many thousands of individual Republican voters expressed their will regarding each priority, before they even hit the vote at the state convention. There, they were ranked by about 5,000 grassroots delegates.

Finally, these Legislative Priorities all have a common theme. They each are rooted in the principles articulated in the Republican Party Platform: Unalienable rights endowed by God, embodied in freedom, personal responsibility, and limited government power. Republicans believe life is sacred, and God has created us male and female intentionally, and that children should not be subjected to medical and psychological abuse by being directed to hate their own bodies. 

So, the answer to the question is clear: our Legislative Priorities are important. They are logical demands of our lawmakers who ran on our Republican brand.

This weekend, as we hold our Quarterly SREC Meeting, we want to offer a special thank you to Radiation Detection Company, Inc. for their generous sponsorship of our SREC Luncheon.

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For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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