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Delegates and Alternates – 

On Sunday, July 19th, the convention body voted to postpone the business of adopting the Rules and Platform to a 2nd convention, and to create a 10 member advisory committee tasked with advising the Chair on a new location, date, and time and other details they deemed appropriate in regards to that convention. 

The 10 member committee met on July 25th, took testimony, and after 2.5 hours of debate, crafted a recommendation to submit approval of the reports of the permanent Rules and Platform committees without amendment to the SREC, with the delegates voting on each plank as well as the 2 minority reports pursuant to Convention Supplemental Rule 9(c). You can find the entire committee recommendation HERE

While we find ourselves in a most unique and unwelcome challenge, it is nothing that we cannot overcome together!  As Chairman, I was elected to represent the voice of the Texas Republican grassroots and nothing could be more important for me to uphold. I cannot, and will not, assume the thoughts and intent of the delegates in the passage of this motion. However, RPT Rule 33a vests in the SREC the responsibility to select the time, date and place of the convention. Therefore, I would like the delegates themselves to weigh in and either vote this recommendation UP or DOWN to provide direction to me and the SREC on this matter.

If the delegates vote to accept the recommendation from the committee, then, at the SREC meeting on September 19th, I will recommend to the SREC to approve, without amendment, the reports of the Rules and Platform Committees, pending plank-by-plank voting by the delegates, including the two minority reports. Those planks that receive at least 60% of the votes, and minority reports that receive at least 50% of the votes, will be included in the 2020 RPT Rules and Platform.  

If the delegates vote to NOT accept the recommendation, we will work on a plan for Regional in-person conventions that can facilitate the completion of our business before the November election.  

We will be sending additional information for the up or down vote regarding accepting the recommendation shortly. Thank you for all you do for Texas. 

Steadfast and Loyal, 

LTC Allen West


Republican Party of Texas

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