Chairman West’s Monday Message

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So many people assert that addressing border security is not a positive policy agenda. I say, in Texas, it is a critical issue to stress. It is not just about the lawlessness that emanates from a porous border, the proliferation of gangs or the lack of safety and security for those living along our Texas border with Mexico. It is not just about the flow of drugs that, prior to COVID-19, gave us grave concern over the opioid crisis killing our young people. All those are vital issues, but there is one issue that leaves a very dark black eye upon the Lone Star State.

Human and sex trafficking.

Texas is the number one state in these United States of America for human and sex trafficking. The two top cities are Houston and Dallas. Yet we have one political party, the progressive socialist left, who prefer open borders and no checks or prosecution for those crossing our border illegally.

The left continues to promulgate the narrative about children being in cages, a somewhat false narrative. Yet, they say nothing about the issue of human and sex trafficking.

Better border security protocols are necessary to end this plight. And we need a strong Republican Texas State House to legislate the end of human and sex trafficking in our beloved Texas.

LTC Allen West (Ret.)
Chairman, Republican Party of Texas


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