Convention Committee Resolution

WHEREAS, delegates to the 2020 Republican Party of Texas Convention accomplished significant in-person and online work through the Temporary Rules, Permanent Rules, Temporary Platform and Resolutions, and Permanent Platform and Resolutions Committees; and

WHEREAS, the work of those Committees was interrupted by the combined effects of a Democrat mayor-ordered shutdown of the in-person Convention and by technical difficulties with the virtual portion of the Convention; and

WHEREAS, the entire statewide Party needs to turn its complete focus as quickly as possible toward the November elections and our campaigns; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we recommend that to complete the unfinished 2020 Convention business:

  1. The SREC at its First Quarterly meeting on September 19,2020, shall approve without amendment the reports of the Permanent Rules and the Permanent Platform and Resolutions Committees, pending 60% line-by-line voting by the delegates. If necessary, the SREC will make emergency rule changes to provide for the unfinished business of the Convention to be completed.
  2. To preserve grassroots input and the subsequent grassroots-driven work of the two Committees, the SREC should not amend either report before approval.
  3. To obtain the 60% line-by-line approval of delegates required by RPT Supplemental Rule 9(d) for Platform planks to be included in the new 2020-2022 Platform, RPT staff shall send a “Survey Monkey-style” survey to delegates and alternates by electronic mail, with a minimum of three (3) days allowed for them complete the survey. Each Platform plank from the Permanent Platform and Resolutions Committee shall be voted on individually by each delegate, and the Minority Reports from both that Committee and the Rules Committee shall be included for separate votes.
The electronic mail notification on the voting platform shall include a paragraph from the person designated to present the Minority Report, as well as the proposed language from the Committee, pursuant to RPT Rule 24. Sufficient identifying information shall be included to allow for seating of alternates and SD identification for weighted voting purposes.
  4. The results of the Survey Monkey-style voting shall be ratified at the next regular SREC meeting but announced as soon as available by RPT staff.

Respectfully submitted, Convention Committee of Ten, by a 6-3 vote:

Deon Starnes, Chair                                          Dale Huls        

Vergel Cruz                                                      Rhonda Lacy

Jill Glover                                                        Karen Newton

Amy Hedtke, with objection                              Mark Ramsey

Terry Holcomb                                                 Mark Reid

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