Chairman West’s Statement on the City of Austin Re-Imagining the Police

Austin, TX, Release: August 17, 2020. For Immediate Release

Photo of Chairman Allen West

Below is Chairman Allen West’s commentary on the city of Austin’s choice to place their Marxist social justice vision over public safety:

“The recent delusional decision of the Austin City Council to defund the Austin Police Department by $150M is highly disconcerting. It is evident that the progressive socialist elected officials who control the capital of Texas are not aligned with the rule of law, and law enforcement, but rather the rule of the mob. History has shown us previous endeavors of the socialist undermining of law enforcement, and the eradication of private gun ownership, result in mob rule, and coercion, intimidation, and violence against law-abiding citizens. That recipe for disaster was seen in early 1930s Germany with the National Socialists and the Brown Shirts, and more recently in Venezuela with the socialist government armed gangs called the Colectivos.

It appears that Austin Mayor Steve Adler and his ilk have chosen radical leftist and Marxist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter over the safety of the citizens of Austin. Crime in Austin is up over 60 percent, and that is before this insidious, dangerous, decision.

Texans must awaken this election cycle and begin to reject the deranged ideological agenda of leftist progressive socialism in the Lone Star State . . . or else replicate their failures, and civil unrest and violence witnessed in Portland and Seattle.”


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