Chairman West’s Monday Message for 8.17.20

Photo of Chairman Allen West

Abolish ICE. Defund the police. Eliminate the Second Amendment. These are the rallying cries and ideological agendas of the American progressive socialist left.

As we draw closer to the November 3rd election date, our binary choice is clear and lucid: it’s the rule of law or the rule of the mob.

The left wishes to rid us of the law enforcement agency that keeps criminal illegal immigrants, and gangs — such as MS-13 — off of our streets. The leftists, such as Mayor Steve Adler in Austin, and his comrades, prefer to defund our police and embrace the chaos and violence of Antifa and Black Lives Matter. BLM has publicly stated that looting is justified as a means of reparations.

Yes, utterly absurd.

And, with all this, we have former NYC mayor, Michael “Big Gulp” Bloomberg, dumping $8-$10M into Texas to support anti-Second Amendment candidates to takeover our Texas State House.

We know leftist NY Attorney General Letitia James is seeking to destroy the National Rifle Association (NRA).

What does this all mean?

It’s simple: we must never forget the example we saw with Peggy and Mark McCloskey in St Louis. Don’t for a minute believe you’re safe in the suburbs or behind your gated community . . . the McCloskey’s were not.

This is Texas. We defend our police and recognize an armed person is a citizen, an unarmed one is a subject, subservient to the leftist mob. Just remember, Texans — especially Texas women — ain’t going out and buying record numbers of weapons just to give them up to Robert Francis O’Rourke.

It’s time to make a stand. Do it with us, the Texas GOP. We Are the Storm!

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