This New York Man Got Arrested After Defending His Own Home

By Amy Swearer

All too often,
advocates of strict gun control promise that more complex and convoluted laws
will save lives without imposing a serious burden on the right of law-abiding
citizens to exercise their constitutional rights.

Their argument simply
doesn’t hold up. Their gun-control laws fail not only to address how actual
criminals get their firearms, but they also impose a real burden on ordinary
citizens’ Second Amendment rights. They even risk making felons out of
otherwise law-abiding citizens.

If that sounds like
an exaggeration, just look to the case of Ronald Stolarczyk of Oneida County,
New York. He’s now facing felony charges for lawfully protecting himself
against criminals without first getting the county’s permission to possess a
handgun in his home—something that would cost him hundreds of dollars and months
of paperwork.

The 64-year-old
Stolarczyk was “minding his own business in his kitchen” one day when he heard voices coming from
his garage. Stolarczyk tried simply waiting for the intruders to leave, but the
two assailants soon ascended the stairs and attempted to enter his central
living space.

Stolarczyk then
yelled at the burglars to leave, hoping that knowledge of his presence would
scare them away. The burglars were undeterred by his warning, and one even
aggressively advanced toward him.

Stolarczyk now feared
for his life, both because his home had previously been broken into and because
he was aware of recent home invasions that resulted in the death of the

Stolarczyk quickly retrieved his deceased father’s .38-caliber Rossi revolver and fired several rounds at the burglars, both
of whom were killed.

After making sure he was safe from all threats, Stolarczyk immediately called
the police and walked to the far end of his driveway to wait for their arrival.
Once they arrived, the responding officers investigated the incident and the Oneida
County district attorney concluded that the shooting was likely justified, and
that Stolarczyk would not face homicide charges.

The district attorney, however, charged Stolarcyzk …read more

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