The Texas GOP Stands for Electoral Integrity

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Austin, TX, Release: January 2, 2021. For Immediate Release

The Texas GOP applauds the men and women in the US Senate and House of Representatives who are working to defend the rule of law and to preserve the backbone of our Republic: free, fair, and honest elections.

Below is Chairman Allen West’s statement on the situation:

“The number one legislative priority for the Republican Party of Texas in the 87th Texas Legislative session is election integrity. The Texas GOP stands with members of the US Senate and House of Representatives who are pursuing that issue and will oppose the electors of Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. The list of voting system irregularities, violation of election laws, and unconstitutional actions in these States are irrefutable. Every American should applaud the actions of the Representatives and Senators seeking to preserve the integrity of our electoral system. Their constitutionally-based challenge will ensure our democratic process and Republic are maintained for future generations.”

We are proud that Senator Ted Cruz is leading the charge, but the Texas GOP expects all those who represent Texas or the rule of law to be standing with him, whether they are in the US House or Senate. This is no time for sunshine Patriots.


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