The Texas GOP Condemns the Lincoln Project for Campaign Against President Trump

Austin, TX, Release: October 6, 2020. For Immediate Release

The pseudo-Republican group, the Lincoln Project, plans to spend over $1 million in Texas against President Trump. No real Republican would ever work arm-in-arm with radical socialists who seek to implement a progressive, secular agenda across Texas. Chairman West gave his thoughts on the Lincoln Project below.

 “It is highly disturbing and quite disgusting that a group of so-called Republican strategists using the name Lincoln Project is planning to spend $1M in Texas against President Trump. It is equally despicable that these political traitors would call their endeavor Operation Sam Houston. It is unconscionable to me, as Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, that there are these useful idiots who would seek to undermine the hard work and efforts being put in by the RPT, Republican candidates, and grassroots supporters to re-elect President Trump. Why would these individuals desire to support a progressive socialist agenda that embraces the rule of the mob, defunds our law enforcement, would decimate our oil and gas industry, advocates for open borders and taxpayer funding of illegal immigrants, murders unborn babies right up to birth, and eliminate our individual rights, namely the Second Amendment? There’s only one answer, they are dishonorable, characterless, and devoid of integrity only seeking their own personal interest, not that of America, certainly not that of Texas. The members of the Lincoln Project have duly made themselves my opposition, an adversary, and I am focused on defeating them along with the progressive socialist left, the Democrat Party, here in the Lone Star State.”

The Texas GOP will work to fight the Lincoln Project across the entire state of Texas. We will not let these lap dogs for the progressive left make any advances here.


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