Rule 8e

June 25, 2018


In regards to RPT Rule 8e, can you clarify what is an organizational meeting?


RPT Rule 8e is referring to the organizational meeting as that described under RONR pages 553-561 in organization of permanent society.

Additional Response

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised details how to organize a permanent society on pages 553-561.  This is detailed as a first organizational meeting and a second organizational meeting.

The business of the first meeting consists of the following:

  1. Election of Temporary Officers
  2. Adoption of a Resolution to Form a Society
  3. Further Business relating to Organization
    1. Create a bylaws committee
    2. Fix the date, hour, and place of next meeting
    3. Motion authorizing the bylaws committee to provide reproduced copies of the draft for distribution

The business of the second meeting consists of the following:

  1. Reading and approval of minutes
  2. Consideration and adoption of proposed bylaws
  3. Enrollment of members
  4. Reading of Roll
  5. Election of Permanent Officers
  6. Other Business

Because the Texas Election Code names the Chairman of the County Executive Committee, forms the society, and defines membership, RPT Rules set forth a single organizational meeting. At this meeting, there are no existing bylaws. Governing the conduct of this meeting is only the US Constitution, Texas Constitution, Texas Election Code, and RPT Rules which define Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised as the parliamentary authority.


RPT Rule 8e

  1. Organizational Meeting of a County Executive Committee – A County Executive Committee shall hold its organizational meeting within forty-five (45) days after the term of office begins for the County Chairman and the Precinct Chairmen.  (The term of office begins twenty (20) days after the Primary Runoff Election according to Subsection 171.022 (c) of the TEC.) The County Chairman shall be responsible for calling the meeting however, if the County Chairman does not call the meeting, then one-fourth (1/4) or 50 of the Precinct Chairmen whichever is fewer, may, by written demand, call an organizational meeting.  Notice of the organizational meeting and a copy of any proposed Bylaws and/or Rules shall either be mailed via the USPS or emailed, and be posted on the county party website, if available. Delivery will be to the last known address of the members of the executive committee at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the meeting. Such notice shall state the time, date, and location of the meeting and the names(s) of the person(s) issuing the call.  The agenda of the organizational meeting shall include, but not be limited to, the swearing in of the newly elected executive committee members and the adoption of Bylaws and/or Rules for the biennium. Failure to adopt bylaws and/or rules for the current biennium shall enact the previous biennium’s bylaws and/or rules.

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