RNC Approves RPT Plan to Protect Texas Delegates

I am very pleased to report to you this afternoon the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) Executive Committee has approved our plan to move the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) state convention date while protecting all of Texas’ delegates for President Trump.

On Saturday, our State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) voted to move our state convention to July 16-18 and to change RPT Rules to allow all our at-large delegates to be bound by our statewide primary results. While this was required for us to overcome the challenges of the current coronavirus pandemic, it also meant changes to both the date of election of our delegates (which happens on the last day of convention) and the method of allocation of our delegates.

RNC Rules do not allow material changes to national delegate election or allocation during an election year. So avoiding a catastrophic penalty to our delegation size in spite of these changes required a waiver from the Executive Committee of the RNC, on which our National Committeeman, Dr. Robin Armstrong, serves.

Our delegate protection plan was approved IN FULL today by the RNC. This means that the new Convention date and our new delegate allocation method for the 2020 election cycle will not trigger any penalties and all our delegates will be secured for President Trump. Texas’ complete delegate strength – the second largest delegation to the Republican National Convention – remains fully intact while we proceed with the necessary changes in our process and date.  

This is excellent news!  

I thank our RPT General Counsel Wade Emmert who has brilliantly led this process for us, and RPT Executive Director Kyle Whatley, RNC National Committeewoman Toni Anne Dashiell, and RNC National Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong for their assistance in making sure the RPT successfully navigated this crucial process.

Stay safe and stay healthy! We will be in contact again soon with more important updates for you.

For Victory in November,

James Dickey


Republican Party of Texas

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