Resolution Reaffirming Life in the Womb Even in Sexual Assault Cases

WHEREAS, there is no physical difference between a preborn child conceived through sexual assault and a preborn child in any other woman’s womb, as all preborn babies have toes and fingers and hearts that beat just 21 days after conception; and

WHEREAS, if you are okay with abortion when certain circumstances are different, then you do not truly believe that all human life is valuable and that preborn children have a right to life simply by virtue of being human; and

WHEREAS, abortion does not take away nor negate the horrific trauma of sexual assault, and instead, abortion commits a second act of violence on an innocent third party; and

WHEREAS, mental health concerns amongst post-abortive women in our country are abundant, and by sanctioning abortion in circumstances of sexual assault, you are heaping a second dose of long-term psychological effects on women; and

WHEREAS, Republican Senator Robert Nichols was among the first Texas legislators to publicly voice support for pro-abortion legislation in the upcoming legislative session; and

WHEREAS, other elected Republicans may begin to retreat from a pro-life stance and give in to liberal pressure; now

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the State Republican Executive Committee calls on all elected Republicans in the Texas Legislature, including Robert Nichols, to remain strongly pro-life and not to succumb to the pressure of pro-abortionist groups; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we call on all elected Republican legislators not to retreat from the pro-life issue at the very time the United States Supreme Court has given them a pro-life victory, a victory that has been fought for by Texas pro-life Republicans for over 50 years.

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