Resolution Urging Support for the “Keep Nine Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution

WHEREAS, the United States Constitution provides no specific instructions for the number of justices that constitutes the Supreme Court of the United States; and WHEREAS, for over 150 years the Supreme Court has consisted of nine justices; and WHEREAS, during the nation’s history, Congress has changed the number of justices, both increasing and decreasing it … Read more

Resolution Reaffirming Life in the Womb Even in Sexual Assault Cases

WHEREAS, there is no physical difference between a preborn child conceived through sexual assault and a preborn child in any other woman’s womb, as all preborn babies have toes and fingers and hearts that beat just 21 days after conception; and WHEREAS, if you are okay with abortion when certain circumstances are different, then you … Read more

Resolution to Defend Medical Freedom and Codify Informed Consent

WHEREAS, Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order prohibiting vaccine and mask mandates will expire, and he has called for “legislation this session to ban ANY COVID vaccine mandate in Texas”; and WHEREAS, many Texans were coerced to receive COVID-19 vaccinations against their preference without knowing the long-term effects; and WHEREAS, many Texans lost their jobs, ability … Read more

Chairman Rinaldi Statement on Texas House Rules Vote

Austin, TX, Release: January 12, 2022 — For Immediate Release Republican Party of Texas Chairman Matt Rinaldi said: “Yesterday, the speaker of the Texas House showed utter contempt for Republican voters by refusing to even allow a vote on whether Democrats should be prohibited from holding powerful leadership positions. The fact that not even 10 Republicans … Read more

Karnes County Sheriff Switches Party to Republican

Austin, TX, Release: December 21, 2022 — For Immediate Release Karnes County Sheriff Dwayne Villanueva announced he has officially switched parties and is now a Republican. Sheriff Villanueva said “I look forward to continuing the strong tradition of excellent law enforcement in Karnes County, which requires us to come together for a common cause and seek … Read more

Results of Voluntary Pledge to Support the Speaker Chosen by the Republican Caucus

Austin, TX, Release: December 20, 2022 — For Immediate Release At the request of Rep. Briscoe Cain, the Republican Party of Texas is proud to release the results of the voluntary pledge to support the speaker chosen by the Republican Caucus. After thoroughly reviewing records, the following 5 names signed the pledge. Keith Bell, HD04 Todd … Read more

A Resolution Regarding Texas House Leadership

WHEREAS, 81% of Republican voters asked Republicans in the Texas Legislature to end the Texas House’s current practice of awarding Democrats powerful committee chairmanships; and WHEREAS, The Republican Party of Texas has clearly laid out a strong list of Legislative Priorities which provide a bare minimum list of necessary accomplishments for the upcoming session; and … Read more

Resolution Opposing Voter Suppression in Harris County

WHEREAS, Harris County Commissioners Court adopted the [Rodney] Ellis 3 redistricting plan, which has unconstitutionally deprived 1,125,937 Harris County voters of the right to vote for a commissioner this year; and WHEREAS, on October 18, 2022, the Texas Secretary of State outlined fundamental concerns raised during the ongoing audit of the November 2020 election in … Read more

Resolution Encouraging Amity in the Montgomery County Republican Party

WHEREAS, the Montgomery County Republican County Executive Committee has been divided since its 2022-2024 Organizational Meeting ended without the election of officers or adoption of bylaws for the current biennium; and WHEREAS, Republican Party of Texas Rule 8(e) states that failure to adopt bylaws at the Organizational Meeting reenacts the bylaws adopted for the prior … Read more

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