Legislative Priorities Report for 8.2.21

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Legislative Priorities Report for August 2, 2021

Willie Nelson held a concert on the Capitol grounds Saturday, and the Democrats made use of the event to scare people about priority legislation designed to make sure our elections are honest and everyone voting is eligible.  The other side has always had to pay or bribe people to come to protests, and this was no exception.  The free concert, bus ride, and lunch assured an attendance of a couple of thousand. 

This concert is more activity than the Capitol has seen in several weeks, as the Democrat legislators are still enjoying their time in Washington D.C. despite calls to remove Democrats from chairmanships or find other means to punish the absent legislators. Speaker Phelan has yet to take any action to compel their attendance except removing Rep. Moody as Speaker Pro Tempore and issuing an arrest warrant for Rep. Cortez, who returned to Texas only to flee again to D.C.   The taxpayers are footing the bill for this poor excuse of a special session, as members, including the “D.C. Dems,” still receive their daily stipend. 

The current session ends this Friday, August 6 and we expect Governor Abbott to call another session beginning on Sunday, August 8. 

Reigning in Executive Overreach is the Chairman’s Priority, and while bills addressing this priority failed to get to the Governor’s desk during the regular session, we are pleased to see Governor Abbott has curbed the ability of local county judges to reinstate Covid 19 restrictions.  Under his previous executive orders, local officials could not mandate masks, but could restrict business capacity if Covid hospitalizations rose above certain thresholds.  This week, however, Governor Abbott issued a new executive order removing any ability for local officials to limit the capacity of businesses.  We applaud the Governor for this reasonable, common sense move and truly opening Texas. 

Please remember to talk to your legislators and encourage them to continue to press for Election Integrity and our other legislative priorities.  We also are still hoping to hear from Governor Abbott soon on his promised executive order banning gender modification. 

Action Items: 

  1.  Talk to interested friends and neighbors about opportunities to get involved in the Republican party.  We need precinct chairs, election workers, poll watchers, and activists. 
  1. Visit with your Representative and Senator about removing Democrat committee chairmanships and issuing arrest warrants for ALL the fleeing Democrats, our Legislative Priorities, closing the border, stopping medical tyranny, and other conservative issues. 

Thank you for working hard to keep Texas red! 

For God and Texas, 


For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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