Legislative Priorities Report for 8.16.21

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Legislative Priorities Report for August 16, 2021

On Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security declared that opposition to COVID restrictions, those that question the results of the 2020 election, along with the 9/11 anniversary and upcoming religious holidays could provoke terrorist attacks. The negative narrative being driven against conservative thought is stunning and swift.  The current administration even floated the idea of a vaccine passport requirement for interstate travel, although followed with a quick assurance that now is not the time for such measures due to public sentiment.  You think?  How about the sentiment that some of us still believe in the Constitution and prefer not to live in a communist country?

One can’t help but think about what our legislative priorities would have been had our convention been held this summer rather than last.  Would executive overreach have been number one, or freedom from medical tyranny?  Immigration surely would have made the list, as our borders are flooded with illegal aliens coming over unimpeded.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still missing.  Speaker Phelan did issue arrest warrants for them.  However, we have not seen evidence thus far of anyone returned to the House chamber.  Surely the Speaker will get tougher, as current leniency is not having effect. 

The Senate has passed most bills on the Governor’s call list including Senate Bill 1, the election integrity omnibus bill, for the fourth time.  They have a quorum and are doing the business of the citizens.

Governor Abbott did receive a response from the Department of Family Protective Services regarding child sex change surgeries.  The Commissioner of the department indicated that she does regard child genital mutilation surgeries child abuse.  The governor did not ask about cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers which stunt growth of genitals and could also be regarded as mutilation attempts, nor did DFPS address these practices.  Representative Bryan Slaton, who has been a hero on this priority, has written the Commissioner for clarification.

We do look forward to Governor Abbott adding our “Children and Gender Modification” priority to the call for this session now that he has heard from DFPS.  Representative Toth had a bill in the regular session that expanded the definition of child abuse to include surgeries, cross-sex hormones, and puberty blockers used to “transition” a child to approximate the opposite sex.  Considering that over 90% of children resolve feelings of gender dysphoria by the end of puberty, this protection must be passed.

Census data is now available and we expect Redistricting addressed in the coming weeks.  This is yet another important reason Speaker Phelan must get the Democrats to return to work.

Action Items:

  1. Please continue to call Speaker Phelan and request that he get tougher with the Democrats by following through with arrests, removing Democrat chairmanships, and fines.
  • Please email Governor Abbott and request that he add banning gender modification of children to the call for Special Session.
  • There are rallies, events, and meetings held around the state for election integrity, medical freedom, and other conservative issues.  Go and take a friend, as efforts are underway to suppress our Republican principles and values.

Now is the time for us to encourage and support each other.  Our liberties are being threatened from many sides, and it is easy to get overwhelmed and paralyzed.  We must remind ourselves of the foundation on which our nation was built, that our life and liberties come from our Creator, and that He will give us wisdom and strength to endure if we just ask.

For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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