Legislative Priorities Report for 6.9.22

Legislative Priorities Report June 9, 2022

Howdy Texas Republicans,

We hope to see you in Houston next week for our biannual Republican Party of Texas State Convention! We are especially excited about this convention since it is the first in-person convention in four years and we are on the precipice of a resounding 2022 election victory in November.

Remember, our policy priorities are chosen at the convention by you, our state delegates. The resolutions on which you so diligently worked at your precinct and senate district conventions have been elevated to the state Platform and Legislative Priorities Committees, where they will be sorted, read, and discussed. On Tuesday and Wednesday, June 14-15, these committees will hear testimony from delegates who wish to speak to specific resolutions. We encourage anyone to testify in person or sit in and observe the committees’ work. It is fun, educational, and a great opportunity to influence the direction of the Party.

The policy landscape has changed considerably since our 2020 Legislative Priorities were chosen. The Biden administration took power in January 2021 and has threatened our American institutions and civil liberties more than anyone could have imagined. Medical freedom and religious liberty have come under attack. Parents concerned about Critical Race Theory and the sexual grooming of public school children have been branded as domestic terrorists by the Biden Justice Department, while the public school establishment has fought parental and legislative efforts to remove obscene materials from school libraries and curricula. Gender ideology and a broken culture have spurred an exponential increase in gender identity disorder while pediatric gender modification medical practices continue. Even though we made strides last session, it is clear we need to do much more to address parental rights, the protection of children, and the infiltration of “woke” culture into virtually every American institution.

Inflation is out of control, gas prices have reached all-time highs, illegal aliens continue to pour over our southern border, food and formula shortages are still affecting families, crime is surging in our urban areas, our electrical grid remains vulnerable, property taxes are at an unbearable rate for many, and our Second Amendment rights are under attack.

At the state convention, delegates will discuss, debate, and vote on proposed platform planks and legislative priorities to address these issues and more. The resulting products will give the Texas GOP its marching orders going forward in working with our conservative leaders to put your priorities into policy. If you wish to review our current party platform, you may read it here https://texasgop.org/platform/.

There is much yet to be done. But we can accomplish great things when we work together. That begins in Houston at the nation’s largest political gathering–the Texas Republican Party State Convention. We can’t wait to see you there!

For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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