Legislative Priorities Report for 5.8.23

The Texas Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives, is at a crossroads. While it is on the verge of doing great things for our citizens, it is also on the verge of sailing us down the river.  We have three weeks left in the legislative session, and many Legislative Priority bills are getting close to the Governor’s desk.  They are also at risk of sudden death.

Last week SB 14, the bill to protect children from sex mutilation, was delayed on Tuesday and Friday after the Speaker indicated he would sustain points of order called by Democrats.  Last Tuesday, hundreds of Texas grassroots supporters filled the gallery to cheer on our Republican Representatives, only to watch our side outwitted by the left before they were rushed out of the gallery due to the disruptive behavior of trans activists.  That Friday, the Department of Public Safety’s presence was greatly increased, and order was maintained. But SB 14 was again delayed, as Democrats continued using procedural tactics to defend the delusion that little boys can be little girls and sterilization is an appropriate by-product of this lie.

Other bills to Stop the Sexualization of Texas Kids that need to move include SB 12, which would restrict drag queen performances in front of children.  It will be heard in State Affairs this week.  SB 1072, the best bill to remove critical gender theory in public schools, has yet to have a hearing in Public Education.

Meanwhile, this is the last week the House can vote on House bills.  Thankfully, HB 20, our major border security bill, is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday.  We urge those who can attend to do so, as those who are fine with the globalist agenda of no borders will most likely turn out to express their displeasure. 

Protect Our Elections is the priority with which we are most concerned.  The Senate has diligently completed the heavy lifting and passed 11 of 24 LP-approved Senate Bills, while the House has only passed two of 32 LP approved bills. Similarly, the Senate passed 10 of 22 RPT Election Integrity Committee approved bills, while the House passed none of the 31 approved bills.  

The House must act. 

  • House State Affairs needs to schedule hearings for SB 1846 and SB 1910.
  • Calendars needs to put SB 1807, SB 2208, and SB 1070 on the Calendar. 
  • The House Elections Committee must schedule hearings for Senate bills SB 1600, SB 260, SB 397, SB 921, SB 990, SB 1938, and vote SB 1599, SB 924, SB 1039, and SB 1911 out of committee.   

Our highest priority bills are SB 990 by Hall, to return to Precinct Voting in large counties, SB 921 to BAN Rank Choice Voting in Texas, SB 1070, to amend the interstate voter registration crosscheck program with restrictions (ERIC bill), and SB 397, to require early voting tapes be printed.

Action Items:

  1. Call Speaker Phelan and encourage him not to allow the Democrats to derail SB 14.
  2. Call Chairman Hunter and members of State Affairs and ask them to pass out SB 12 and hear our election bills, SB 1846 and SB 1910.
  3. Call Chairman Buckley and members of Public Education and ask them to hear and pass out SB 1072.
  4. Call Chairman Smith and members of Elections and ask them to schedule hearings and vote out of committee the above Elections bills, especially SB 990, SB 921, SB 1070, and SB 397.

For God and Texas,

Jill Glover
Chair, SREC Legislative Priorities Committee

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