Important State Convention Update

Greetings Texas Republicans,

We still have unfinished business from our convention that requires our attention. We must reconvene our convention to address our Rules and Platform. Our previous assembly decided to select (10) individuals to form a committee to decide our way forward. Individuals were nominated and delegates had the opportunity to “upvote” the person they thought should be on the committee. We have contacted those individuals; when someone declined, we went to the next highest vote getter on the list. Their task is to make a recommendation for our reconvening.

Per the motion, I have been selected as chair of this committee. However, I am declining this position as I want to allow the committee to do its work independently. The highest recipient of votes who has agreed to serve is Deon Starnes. She has a wealth of experience with our convention process and the committee will be well served by her leadership.

I look forward to reviewing the committee’s recommendations and leading the work on a convention that will complete our important business. In the meantime, we will continue to function and operate under the Rules and Platform approved at the 2018 Convention until completion of our own Reconvening Convention.

“Texas GOP, we are the storm”

Chairman Allen West

Republican Party of Texas

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