How Trump’s Tax Cuts Are Helping the Middle Class

By Rob Bluey

On today’s episode of The Daily Signal Podcast, we feature an interview with Julio Gonzalez, chairman of Engineered Tax Services, and Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation and author of “Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy.” Gonzalez and Moore discuss the benefits of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class and small businesses. The full audio is available by clicking the link below along with a lightly edited transcript.

Rob Bluey: Both you have been strong advocates for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. You are out there on the front lines, defending tax reform. Tell us how you first connected and what that experience was like as this law was coming into fruition.

Julio Gonzalez: I was asked by the administration to be on the private counsel, to help with Congress and Senate and work through the tax reform, so I got to know [Speaker Paul] Ryan and [Rep. Kevin] Brady pretty closely, and just try to really look at the plan and look at the unintended consequences to see what could be in there, what could fail.

Because when you change thousands of pages of tax code, obviously, you can have unintended consequences, like we did in the ’80s tax reform. So really, I was there to help give guidance.

Stephen Moore: Yeah, first of all, thanks for your help on the tax bill. It was hugely important. I think this was an incredibly productive bill. I think that the economic ramifications have been almost universally positive.

We have the lowest unemployment rate now in 50 years for blacks, Hispanics, women, people who are disabled, people without high school, college degree. The economy has grown like 3% now for the first time in 20 years. …read more

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