He Grew Up Under Socialism. Now He’s Urging Young People to Reject It.

By Daniel Davis

Daniel Di Martino grew up in Venezuela, and left the country after socialism took its grip. Now, he’s on a mission to convince young people that socialism is destructive. Our colleague and senior news producer, Kelsey Bolar, recently sat down with Di Martino to hear his story, and today we share that exclusive interview.

Plus: Great Britain is banning “harmful” gender stereotypes in advertising. That’s a move that would shock many Americans—but then again, we enjoy the First Amendment. Rachel and Daniel discuss.

We also cover the following stories:

  • Iran says it will break its uranium stockpile limit in the next 10 days.
  • The Supreme Court sends a wedding cake case back to Oregon.
  • Nearly 2 million Hong Kong protesters take to the streets in opposition to the extradition bill.

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Kelsey Bolar: This is Kelsey Bolar, coming to you from The Heritage Foundation’s Resource Bank. I am sitting down today with Daniel Di Martino. Daniel is from Venezuela, grew up there, and just came to the United States recently, three years ago, to attend college.

So we have a lot to get to. Daniel, welcome to the show.

Daniel Di Martino: Thank you very much.

Bolar: Where to begin? You grew up in Venezuela. I imagine you still have a lot of family there. Tell us what your childhood was like.

Di Martino: So I was born in 1999, so for your viewers to know, 1999 was the year that Hugo Chavez became president of …read more

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