Dallas Back the Blue Rally

Austin, TX, Release: September 21, 2020. For Immediate Release

The Texas GOP has organized a Defend the Police protest in conjunction with The Dallas County Republican Party in lieu of the Dallas City council planning to vote to remove $8,000.000.00 in overtime funding from the Dallas Police Department’s 2021 fiscal year budget. This effort by the city council is an underhanded effort to begin the defunding of the Dallas police.

The protest will begin Tuesday, September 22, at 3 pm at Dallas City Hall on the Dallas City Hall Plaza, 1500 S. Marilla Street, Dallas, Texas 75204. With crime rates rising 15 percent during COVID-19, the city council and North Texas Democrats want to take funding away from the police. If anything, police need more support as crime rates rise across urban areas nationwide.

Three candidates will be speaking on why we as Texans and Republicans must defend the police. They are Gerson Hernandez, House 105, Samuel Smith, HD 107, and Patrick Harden, Place 1.


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