Convention Update from Chairman Allen West

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Delegates and Alternates – 

I wanted to provide an update on where we stand with regards to the virtual convention and the planning for the second convention to conclude work on our platform and rules. 

A  motion was adopted on Sunday, July 19th, to postpone to a second convention, the remaining business of the convention with the exception of the races for State Chairman, State Vice-Chairman, and the SREC races. Immediately thereafter, the SDs undertook their business of nominating individuals for those four races. On Monday, July 20, the convention reconvened, the report of the State Nominations was presented and adopted, electing me as State Chairman, Cat Parks as State Vice-Chairman as well as the individuals nominated by the SDs to be on the SREC. As all business remaining had been completed, the first convention adjourned sine die.

The State Chairman and Vice Chairman, along with the SREC, shall be conferring on the steps to undertake the second convention to complete the postponed business of receiving and acting upon the reports from the Rules and Platform & Resolutions committees. Stay tuned and thank you for your attendance at the State convention, your participation in the work of the committees and joining us again to complete the work of the Party.

Steadfast and Loyal, 

LTC Allen West


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