Chuck Schumer is getting nervous…

Voting in the Democrat primary runoff for U.S. Senate begins next week, and Chuck Schumer is getting nervous… 

On Friday, the Dallas Morning News published an article, “Royce West seeking to capture moment in Texas Democratic Senate runoff against MJ Hegar: The aftermath of the George Floyd killing and racial equality debate could propel West to nomination against Sen. John Cornyn.” 

This comes just one week after a Houston Chronicle article accused Chuck Schumer and the national Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) of trying to “cheat” Royce West out of the election

You may remember Sen. West and other candidates strongly rebuked Schumer’s party establishment in Washington when they endorsed Hollywood Hegar early in the primary (refresher: here). 

Eight out of twelve of the Dem primary candidates passed over by the DSCC were minorities — several with governing or political experience. And of course Chuck Schumer and the DSCC didn’t just endorse MJ, they sent her MILLIONS of dollars!

National Democrats don’t think an African American or Latino candidate can win statewide office in Texas. 

MJ Hegar agrees with Schumer. In the primary debate she said: “Of all of the endorsements we’ve received, and of all the endorsements on everybody in this race, the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee] endorsement is the only one that only looks at viability.” 

  • Why did the DSCC endorse MJ Hegar over Royce West?
  • Why doesn’t Chuck Schumer and Hollywood Hegar think Royce is a viable candidate for the U.S. Senate? 
  • What does “viable” even mean to them?

We encourage you to tweet these questions to @dscc and @mjhegar using the #TXSEN today!


James Dickey
Republican Party of Texas

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