China Joe Alert: Nationalizing Elections

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Austin, TX, Release: January 25, 2021. For Immediate Release 

The Texas GOP is completely opposed to the Biden Administration’s plan to rip away election authority from state and local governments by imposing draconian federal oversight via HR 1. This plot would allow the progressive socialist left to dominate redistricting nationwide and rob states of their constitutionally mandated responsibilities. This desecration of constitutional rules is simply a blatant power grab by Democrats.

Below is Chairman Allen West’s statement on this issue:

“As Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, let me affirm we do not support this attempt by the progressive socialist left to undermine the authority of sovereign states in conducting elections and determining their political landscape. This is a clear design of the left to force one-party control of our constitutional Republic. We also condemn any attempt by the Democrats to redefine representation in America to not be based upon citizenship.”

Securing our elections so fraud, irregularities, illegal and unconstitutional actions can’t occur is one our main goals this legislative session. By allowing the federal government to dominate redistricting and other aspects of our election process, we are placing that in jeopardy.


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