China Joe Alert: Ending America’s Energy Independence

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Austin, TX, Release: January 22, 2021. For Immediate Release  

The Texas GOP is disgusted by Joe Biden’s assault on the American oil and gas industry. The end of the XL Pipeline is just the opening salvo in what will, no doubt, be a continuous campaign against the backbone of America’s energy sector. 

Biden’s war on fracking and drilling, in general, will have major effects on the Texas economy. It is not shocking that one of President Biden’s first actions was to destroy the livelihoods of thousands of American workers. We all better be prepared for policies that will always put Americans last and globalists first. 

Chairman West points out that “it’s obvious the new President of these United States does not want America to be energy independent. Joe Biden is not leading America to greatness, it’s Barack Obama all over again.” 

We need real leadership to keep America strong, our economy growing, and our freedoms safe. It is a shame no one in the Oval Office has that trait. 


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