Chairman West’s Testimony Against HB 3 to the Texas House State Affairs Committee

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Austin, TX, Release: March 11, 2021 For Immediate Release 

Below is Chairman West’s testimony to the Texas House State Affairs Committee, where he argues against HB 3. Our Chairman stands against executive overreach and abuse, and the Texas GOP stands with him. We cannot allow our liberties to be stolen by any executor or government official.  

Chairman West’s Testimony: 

“Chairman Paddie and Members of the Texas House State Affairs Committee, 

I am deeply humbled and honored to appear before you today. I rise before you to speak against HB 3. In a previous life, I once sat in a position as you as a legislator, a congressional representative. I understand the legislative process and I also understand the rule of law, the Constitution, which my life has been dedicated to supporting and defending. 

HB 3 will codify unconstitutional actions by an executive into law. No emergency is grounds for the suspension of the rule of law. And no executive — at any level of government — is above the rule of law. HB 3 will elevate the state executive over the rule of law and make orders, mandates, decrees, and edicts equal to law. HB 3 relegates the legislative branch irrelevant and no longer a co-equal branch of government. Only the legislative branch has the enumerated power to make or amend the law. 

As well, there should not be any designated ‘committee’ that is empowered to speak above the collective legislative body to adjudicate executive powers. 

Once there was a piece of legislation signed into law called the Patriot Act, which included the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. In response to the terrorist attack of 9-11, that seemed a great endeavor. However, we have seen how the power of the FISA court has been abused. The Texas legislature should be assessing how to curb executive overreach and power, not enable it, nor abdicate their constitutional duty. 

I humbly ask the Texas House State Affairs Committee to vote down HB 3 and partner to develop companion legislation to Texas State Senator Brian Birdwell’s, which ensures no Texas State executive, current or future, can define an emergency and suspend our rule of law, and individual rights, freedoms, and liberty.” 

Humbly submitted, 

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West (US Army, Retired) 

Member, 112th US Congress 

Chairman, Republican Party of Texas 


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