Chairman West’s Statement on 2020 Census Results

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Austin, TX, Release: April 27, 2021 For Immediate Release  

The Republican Party of Texas is pleased that Texas will be receiving two more congressional seats. However, when it comes to redistricting, Texas leadership make sure to make sure that these new districts are set up to represent Texans, not raw population. 

Below is Chairman West’s statement on the census results: 

“The census results are evidence that Americans are fleeing failing blue states for conservative states with policies advancing economic growth, opportunity, prosperity, and individual liberty. The critical question to ponder is why then do some of these individuals, especially those moving with businesses and corporations, vote for the same failed governing philosophy, progressive socialism, that forced them to relocate? One would have to liken the actions of progressive socialists and their migration to Red states as that of locusts, bent upon destruction. It is imperative for Texas to remain a strong, and become an even stronger, constitutional conservative state.  

As we face the scourge of illegal immigration brought about by the abject incompetence and open borders ideological agenda of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we must ensure Texas has strong election integrity laws. As we redistrict Texas for democratic representation, we must not allow the leftist ideal of representation by population to rule the day. Representation in Texas must be based upon citizenship, and strategically we can ascertain why the left wants to flood Texas with thousands of illegals.” 

The Texas GOP is looking forward to seeing the two new congressional districts created, and we are also looking forward to putting Republicans in those seats. 


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