Chairman West’s Monday Message for 5.24.21

RPT Chairman LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)

Republican, Democrat . . . Meaningless Designations

Here in America, we have a two-party political system. However, there is something changing in America, and in Texas: this is no longer about two political parties. The growing atmosphere in America today is about two philosophies of governance, divergent principles, and values.

America was established upon a unique fundamental belief, that the individual is sovereign over the institution of government. The premise that our unalienable rights do not emanate from man, meaning government, but rather from our Creator God, the Supreme and Sovereign Guide. The challenge we face today is whether we can right the balance between the individual citizen and the institution of government. And, ladies and gents, this has less to do with two political parties, rather, it is about principles.

Yes, I am the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. In that role, it is my duty and responsibility to advocate for, and advance, the legislative priorities of the grassroots constitutional conservatives of Texas in accordance with their platform, as voted upon at the GOP state convention. As I ponder these remaining days of this 87th Texas legislative session, where the RPT priorities were clearly stated, one can only be utterly disappointed. The progressive socialist left targeted Texas with hundreds of millions of dollars but were beaten back in 2020. The left achieved no electoral gains in the Lone Star State. One would consider that a Texas legislature with a majority of 83-67 in the State House and 18-13 in the Senate would have no issue passing RPT legislative priorities. This is in addition to having a Republican Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

Again, disappointment.

Consider that our very own Republican-controlled legislature killed legislation such as HB 1399, which would have protected Texas children from chemical and physical castration. And, it appears, based upon an article in the National File that Texas children may have been sold out for $250K in campaign contributions. SB 1311 still has a chance to be heard, but it has been due to the intense pressure from our grassroots.

Speaking of our Texas children, legislation supporting school choice was killed. And, it appears that the Austin lobby class, hired by respective Independent School Districts (ISDs) were the hitmen who ensured educational freedom and liberty would be unavailable for our Texas children. This lead to another RPT legislative priority, ending the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, being killed.

We want to ensure our history is taught to our children and is preserved for all of us, the good, bad, and ugly. History remains for us to learn from, not revise, based upon any particular ideological agenda. Hint, America was established on July 4, 1776, not 1619. However, there will be no legislation addressing monument protection from this Republican-controlled legislature. Though it was not a legislative priority, I applaud the Texas Senate for passing SB 2202 banning the Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) indoctrination in our schools. The legislation must go back to the Texas House as the leftists were able to water down HB 3979, which also sought to ban CRT.

HB 1927, Constitutional Carry, is heading to Governor Abbott’s desk. We are still awaiting the result of a very integral measure for the future of our State and Constitutional Republic, Election Integrity. The legislation, SB 7, was a strong election integrity measure, but it was gutted, substituted, and watered down in the Texas House by progressive socialists. Election integrity is not about voter suppression. The unconstitutional actions of the left in the 2020 election cycle suppressed the votes of honest Americans, Texans.

Yes, we have a Heartbeat Bill, SB 8, that has been passed and signed into law by Governor Abbott. However, the RPT legislative priority was to end the practice of murdering unborn babies in Texas . . .something that the people of Lubbock were able to achieve.

When the left is in control we know what we shall get, progressive socialism, Marxism, communism, statism, Critical Race Theory, and anarchism. They are unafraid, and have no shame, ruling over us and seeking to fundamentally change our Republic, including instituting an open borders policy by Executive Order. Yet, how can it be that in Texas, with a Republican Governor, we cannot rectify the situation, which the Constitution enumerates, and secure our own border? Shall we follow the money in this case as well?

The flawed reasoning that one must vote for Republicans or else allow a Democrat to win is no longer acceptable. If we are to win an ideological battle, we need individuals who have the courage and conviction to fight it. We need Constitutional Conservatives to defeat progressive socialists . . . not merely the presence of the letter R behind a name.  Committed individuals who believe in our Judeo-Christian faith heritage, want strong families, support individual rights, freedoms, and liberty, support equality of opportunity, not outcomes, enact policies to build up our small businesses and the free market economic system, and embrace service to our nation.

There are no more Democrats. They have accepted and embraced such abject radicalism that they align themselves with an Islamic terrorist organization called Hamas. These leftists are delusional and deranged in their pursuit of undermining and destroying our country. Don’t believe me, then go sit in a gas line or watch the steady flow of illegal immigrants into our nation.

Moderate Republicans? Like ol’ Buck West would say, “the only thing in the middle of the road is roadkill.” Even in the Book of Revelation we are told that we are either hot or cold; if we are lukewarm we will be spewed from God’s mouth. So, choose for yourselves today what principles, values, and governing philosophy guides you.

I have made my choice, and hence unafraid to write a missive such as this.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

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