Chairman West’s Monday Message for 3.1.21

RPT Chairman LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)

Thirteen Days of Glory

Glory: high renown or honor won by notable achievements; magnificence of great beauty.

Good Monday to everyone. I pray y’all had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend. We, here in Texas, have gone from a brutal week of winter right into spring and I look forward to the renewal of life that this season brings.

Now, I know that the hot topic right now is the aftermath of former President Trump’s speech at CPAC yesterday. However, his speech is not the focus of this missive, because there is something far greater and more meaningful to Texans — and, indeed, all Americans — that this season brings forth. We are in the midst of the “Thirteen Days of Glory.” Some of you will immediately catch my drift; others are scratching their heads and asking, what the heck is the ol’ Colonel talking about? So many asked me about being at CPAC in Florida, my response was that at this time, and moment, I could not think of a better place to be than Texas!

Thirteen days of glory all started 185 years ago on February 23, 1836, when the Mexican dictator, Generalisimo Santa Anna, showed up in a town called San Antonio de Bexar and began the siege against a small outpost called The Alamo. There, inside this small fortified old Spanish mission, were less than 200 men who were determined to make a stand for what would soon be the Republic of Texas. They were led by a young 26-year-old from South Carolina, Lt. Col. William Barret Travis. The small garrison included men whose names will forever be remembered in American folklore: Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett.

It was the following day, February 24, that Col. Travis wrote what would become a rallying cry and historic letter. He gave that letter to a young man for whom a Texas town is named, Juan Seguin, for delivery to Gen. Sam Houston. Last week we issued a press release reminding Texans and all Americans of the 185th anniversary of the Travis letter. His closing words, “Victory or Death” echo throughout the ages, and are pertinent, relevant, for us today. Travis’ line in the sand is a call to action for Texas patriots today.

They stood there on those ramparts, numbering just under 200 men, against some 3,000-4,000. They were committed to not surrendering, nor retreating. They knew their stand would enable something greater: a chance for liberty and freedom from a tyrant.

This week, on March 2nd, will be the 185th anniversary of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Those men at The Alamo had no knowledge that they were fighting for a newly established Republic of Texas, but they displayed impeccable character, commitment, and courage realizing that they were preserving the essence of individual sovereignty, something we enjoy today and that we must fight to preserve.

They stood there on those ramparts, men of honor, ready to take their place in the annals of glory, when on March 6th, at dawn, the final Mexican assault came. The Alamo fell on that day, but Texas rose. We Texans, today, must make the decision: shall we continue to rise, to live out our days of glory . . . or have those days ended?

When I see bills, legislation, filed in the Texas State House of Representatives — such as HB 3, by a Republican — that expands executive power it should concern us all. This week we remember, 185 years ago, how a few men stood up against dictatorial powers. How is it that we are seeking to expand such powers?

Last week, the Satanic Temple of Texas filed suit against the State of Texas, stating our laws infringe on their religious freedom. They have filed a complaint against Texas laws that restrict the murder of preborn babies. These individuals have billboards that state “abortion saves lives.” I fail to see the glory in murdering, dismembering, unborn babies in the womb.

This week, 185 years ago, the Republic of Texas was established, a sovereign Republic. Nine years later, the Republic of Texas became the 28th sovereign state in these United States of America.

Now we are facing the scourge of illegal immigration and a federal government that has abdicated its role in protecting our sovereign borders from illegal entry, invasion. There is no glory in the fact that Texas is the number one state in America for human and sex trafficking, Dallas and Houston being the top two cities. There is no glory in exposing our citizens to the dangers of drug trafficking, gangs, illegal immigrant criminality, and a potential resurgence of COVID issues.

The Texas revolution that has gifted us with this incredible land began on October 2, 1835, in a little town called Gonzales. It was there that those Texians refused to be disarmed, and would not surrender their cannon. They spoke those words of glory, “Come and Take It.” However, today, a Texas Democrat member of Congress, Sheila Jackson-Lee, is leading the charge to disarm our country. HR 127 and HR 130 would render us subjects, not citizens, disarming us, and enabling greater totalitarian rule.

This week, all of us in Texas should remember the Thirteen Days of Glory and what this season means for us as Texans. Ask yourselves, how will you be remembered? I will be in San Antonio this Saturday, March 6, 2021, on the 185th remembrance day of the fall of The Alamo. I will stand there before The Cenotaph remembering the honor and glory of those who have enabled us to rise at this moment . . . a season of renewal to our commitment to Liberty.

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

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