Chairman West’s Monday Message for 10.19.20

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If you don’t vote for the Progressive Socialist Left, You Ain’t _____

Yes, early voting has begun, but last week’s big news story was the SCOTUS nomination hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett. As I watched the highlights and listened to the absurd line of questioning emanating from the Democrats, it became very apparent that with Judge Barrett, there is no “sisterhood of the traveling pants” when it comes to a non-leftist woman.

Then again, this is a recurring theme with the left. That is why the title of this missive permits you to fill in the blank.

It is obvious that, for the Democrats, you are not a woman if you do not embrace their “dogma.” Judge Barrett is highly qualified, and the fact that she could respond to the insidious inquiries of Democrat senators without notes is evidence of her masterful demeanor and competence. However, that has little to meaning to the left.

If one was to do a side by side analysis of Justice Elena Kagan and Judge Barrett, it is hands down who the superior nominee is. But, the bottom line is that Kagan was nominated by Barack Obama, and therefore she fits the left’s definition of a woman. The left defines a woman as someone who believes that murdering unborn children is a valid means of birth control. And, any woman that does not accept that premise, up to actual birth, is for them, not a woman.

Judge Barrett’s hearing last week was the epitome of leftist identity politics. For the progressive socialist left, your skin color, sex, and any other divisive characteristic defines your ideological thinking. It is the most basic expression of fascism that one could ever comprehend. Being a woman means being leftist, and if you are not a leftist, well, then, fill in the blank.

The same goes for those conservative, Orthodox Jews, who have shed the shackles of leftism. There is no doubt that President Trump has done more for the Jewish community than any other president, certainly more than Barack Obama. However, you ain’t, fill in the blank, if you do not vote for the progressive socialist left. That is the case regardless of the fact that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio — whose real name is Warren Wilhelm, Jr. — is sending officers into Jewish temples to enforce his idiotic, and anti-Semitic, edicts. But, since these are the folks who are not voting for Democrats, then they ain’t really Jewish anyway. Who cares that they support the president who actually did move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the rightful capital of the Jewish State of Israel. Those who are happy about that ain’t, well, just fill in the blank.

Let’s not forget, that the Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden, vehemently stated to Blacks, that you ain’t, fill in the blank, if you are confused about who you are voting for. That condescending and offensive bit of word-vomit caused me to respond immediately with a video which you can view below. How utterly racist to assert that my skin color is the basis upon which I am supposed to think. Yet, I have not heard any leftist media outlet ask Joe Biden what he meant with that statement. The answer for this dismissal and oversight is that the Democrats are all in agreement — along with enablers in the Black community, just as with the Jewish community — that they are the ones who define your thoughts.

That is what I refer to as collective subjugation. It is when these socialist, Marxist, progressives eliminate individual thought and replace it with collectivism. You are no longer seen as a person, you are just as Bob Seger once sang, “I Feel Like a Number.” And, it is reflective of the old Star Trek: Next Generation adversary, The Borg. Some of us remember the Borg’s mantra: “resistance is futile, you will assimilate.” To those who refuse to assimilate, such as conservative women, Jews, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians — whoever — you are then targeted for persecution, ridicule, and disparagement.

That is what you saw last week during the hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. It was what you saw also with the SCOTUS hearing of Justice Clarence Thomas, who correctly referred to his inquisition as a “high tech lynching.” And, just who was leading the Senate Judiciary Committee lynching of a highly qualified Black conservative nominee? Yes, none other than Joe Biden, who says, “you ain’t Black if you are confused about who to vote for.”

So why do we allow the party of systemic racism, sexism, and every other -ism, to get away with their abhorrent behavior?

It is my hope and prayer that this election cycle, America — Texas — will awaken and deliver a resounding electoral punishment to these racists and sexists. War on women? Yes, that would be the Democrats. Soft bigotry of low expectations? Yes, the Democrats, again. Heck, the Party of the Jackass has now even gone so far as to deem the traditional nuclear family as a symbol of racism, and White Supremacy. Therefore, you ain’t a family unless you are what the progressive socialist left calls a family. Here I thought my wife Angela and I had done so well, being married for 30 years and having raised two beautiful daughters. According to the Democrats, we are neither Black, nor a family. We are demeaned and denigrated because we do not want to be slaves on the 21st-century economic plantation of the left, and we seek to be an intelligent couple who can think for ourselves.

Texas is known for, defined by, and regarded for its rugged individual determination, will, and drive. It is that which makes that Texas aura, a distinctive character. Why would anyone vote for, support, and embrace the ideal of the fascist progressive socialists who punish you for not embracing group-think, based upon identity?

I am a Texan. I am a Christian constitutional conservative. I am a soldier, husband, and dad. I am an American Black man who proudly thinks for himself, and, I will never surrender to the collective subjugation of the progressive socialist left.

The question is, will you?

Steadfast and Loyal,

LTC Allen B. West (Ret.)
Republican Party of Texas

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